Tuesday, November 20, 2012


 I figure out comics in all different ways. I thumbnail, write scripts, do stuff free form. For whatever reason sketchbooks are relatively ‘new’ to me (which I really regret!). As in I’ve cartooned forever, but only used sketchbooks for the last 10 years. Now I basically carry one everywhere. I have a travel one, which is more about rough sketching and to combat boredom on trains, etc. The other is more about doing pretty pictures and experiment with colour. But these are my mind banks now. In other words if I get “where do your ideas come from?’” questions, I can shove one of these books in their face. Before this, I used lined paper books doing little pen thumbnails. But sketchbooks are great to think visually. Which is what I’m more interested as I get older, rather than dense written narrative.
I kind of made the rapture as I went along, in a sketchbook about two years ago. I was asked to do a strip for a comic book about ‘anything’ relatively over a weekend and I had this sketchbook comic sitting there. So because of lack of time I drew the strip A4. I usually draw A3 (I find A4 too cramped) but it was quicker to draw smaller. Some of it works the finished strip is relevantly ‘cleaner’ looking. But it is always hard to get the look you like in rough sketches of poses and character composition in cleaned up work. Also I liked some of the layout of the pages in the sketchbook copy over the finished version. I’m kind of surprised that the dialogue didn’t change that much from sketchbook to comic strip. But it seems good & I needed to finish this sucker fast!

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