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The way I ink came about by making a mistake. I was doing a school assignment many years ago & dropped a big blob of ink on my artwork. So I went over that line several times to get that blobby line look with a mapping quill.
I actually thought that's how cartoonists got that thick/thin line going with ink,not realzing about brushes!
My crosshatching is all over the place,but i do look for a source of light. A lot of influence comes from looking at guys like Crumb or Hogarth. But you know I don't hold a candle to their stuff....
I mostly use a mapping quill like a hunt 102,but for some stuff(mostly sketch book) Ill use rapidograph tech pens.
I use rapidograph ink, Its fantastic quality.The last time I bought it some it was $80.00 for 250ml.But it lasts about 10 years a bottle. Ive spent a lot of time of time watering down the ink. It gives it a smoother transition to the paper.

I usually ink outlines, then detail & cross hatching.

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  1. Neil Taylor (sculpture guy extraordinaire)
  2. Ian Gunn
  3. Gerard Ashworth
  4. Ian's partner (sorry!)
  5. Greg Gates
  6. Mark Sexton
  7. Greg again
  8. Gerard again
  9. Clint Cure
  10. Tim Danko
  11. Blanden
  12. Neil again
  13. Iann has left the building!

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Ive penciled up something different than the roughs I've been showing on the blog. As it was just too much hassle using the actual artwork at this stage.But I've finished 'the bee and flower' pantomime comic, and sent it off to Italy! So anyway, when doing comics I usually use a hard pencil like a HB, as it won't smudge like a 2B or other soft pencils. But I do like to keep a range of pencils around (file under anal retentive). I define shapes 1st before putting in any detail. For comics or animation this obviously helps to keep multiple drawings consistent. Then I'll put in enough detail to keep me happy, but not do everything as I'm going to ink it.I like to put in more detail at that 'inking' stage as it keeps it more exciting for myself.Usually mistakes make artwork more interesting or something will happen that I don't expect which will make it 'fresh'.

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Going Postal

Package I sent to the Edmonton Small Press Association exhibition GOING POSTAL, sometime in 2001.... Emma (about 4/5 years old) drew the picture, I did the background

3 wise(?) monkeys

Ashworth/Danko/Blanden circa 1995 @ the BANK exhibition. Curated by the man in the middle

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