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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I love my MAC!! Here Now!

I'm seriously considering not to ink anymore,but use the 'above' method.Every so often I do fan art (& I'm not usually a FAN of it HA!HA!). But I do stuff occasionally.Anyhoo, this puppy had to be done fast (a couple of hours),so here's what I dooed. Use lovely photocopy paper,I always tell my students don't buy an expensive drawing pad! Buy a packet of photocopy paper,its cheap its good quality and if you don't draw with it,you can whack in your printer.I did a light sketch with a 2H to plan out the figures/layout.Then I do a hard 2B line drawing.Off to the cheapest scanner ever and do a B/W scan.Chuck that in photo shop and colour with my favorite new toy my little bamboo. I love my bamboo its so quick and easy!Though I gotta keep doing hand colour as then my stuff wont look like the rest of you shmeddlies! PEACE OUT!