Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Making notes

There's nothing better than being asked " Where do your ideas come from?"
Well other than doing this stuff for a extremely long time, so I know what works or not...
I write ideas in a sketchbook,I draw in a sketchbook. So it's my SKETCHBOOK!!!
These days I probably look at a drawing for ideas rather than write a lot of stuff. It also helps to have a reason to draw a strip.So in this case its for a pantomime strip for a competition in Italy.

The actual idea comes from an animation I'm slowly doing. This was a 'reject' idea from that project. I'd already had done a bunch of pre-production, so I had a lot of this idea worked out and I thought it would make a good idea for a no word comic.
The only worry is that I was unwittingly ripping off Chris Ware. I'd realized he'd done that bee comic in Acme Library. I know of 'it', but haven't read it.

Anyway, after thinking up something 'COOL', I sit with a piece of foolscap and either write a short treatment or (what I usually do) write the panels in a bullet point form.This is to figure out how to tell the story and pace the panels and pages. At this point I don't really need to know the page layout or how the characters will look.Its really to work out the narrative,and get it to work properly.

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  1. I get my ideas froma book called "The Ideas Book" or "Everything Good Has Alreay Been Done so Just Copy Old Stuff."