Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Whilst everyone gets upset the 'king of pop' died,the REAL king of pop Mr Chris Knox is apparently not that well.I read in a freebie rock magazine that Chris Knox( super cartoonist/musician/art guy) had a stroke a couple of months back and I guess wont be releasing stuff in the near future.Please check out his solo recordings or the tall dwarfs stuff. Ive just recently found out he was doing stuff with a band 'The nothing' which was released on what the kids call mp3.
This also feature Sir Stefan Neville on drums. He goes under the moniker of 'pumice' buy lots use many of his various recorded formats!
Anyway, who can forget when Chris came to Australia in the mid 90s, was going to play 'Not given lightly' on a live Saturday morning TV show (Recovery?). Broke a string on his guitar, so he did an accapella version on the song right on that spot! What a trooper, the look on the kids in the audience was 'so where's spiderbait?!!'

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