Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I have this old broken drafting board that I picked up from a school I was working at 19 years ago. The students were using as a cutting board! So I saved it for myself, and taped some cardboard on it . Boy! Did it save my back!My modified drawing board sits atop a fifty year old picnic table my father made.I bought an over head lamp from Ikea,it's O.K. but my head gets really hot!
I use a Arttec fineliner paper pad.An A3 pad is about 20 dollars for 50 sheets. Its a good quality paper that puts up with alot of abuse. It also holds alot of ink and doesn't buckle badly.Remember to have a art tin to put all your art pens & pencils in.I like this one as the girls are probably talking about purchasing knee high socks & swap cards.
Bye,that's it for THE BLAND WAY.Im just watching Peep show now.See ya next time.....

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