Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mel Crawford

Ten years ago when my daughter was 3 I used to buy her a ton of children’s books from various op-shops for 20 or 50 cents a pop! I started to get really interested in the illustrators because of design sense and colour, particularly work of ‘older’ illustrators. Now I have about 50-odd little golden books & 50 odd kid’s books from other companies. They have been great reference whilst ‘trying to watercolour or pencil my own stuff .Like a lot of cartoonists/animators I’ve picked up on the work of Mel Crawford. I should start a kids book blog (oh and a music one too!) because I want to show a lot of this stuff. I figure with cartooning we all like the same ’cool’ stuff anyhoo, so I might as well show something abit different.