Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Or notes on that chat I gave to the fine folk of the comic spot…

I talk way too fast to be understood half the time. Also I breathe a lot. Sorry about my heavy breathing down the phone.

Carl Barks was a Disney Cartoonist who was the main artist for the ‘duck’ comics. If I’m not wrong he came up with most of the characters & the concept of ‘Duckburg’.

The Peanut paperbacks with orange pages, not spines were by Fawcett Crest.

The Crumb punching a girl’s butt image came from a book’ Great comic book Artists’. It had a blue cover with 2 spacemen on it.

Clint Cure’s ‘Comic Book Virus’ video was for Optus Vision not Galaxy. But Galaxy did exist & tanked before actually broadcasting.

Phil Bentley & Greg Gates are cartoonists 2 excellent cartoonists/organizers who a little older and been at it a bit longer than me.

I criminally forgot to mention Sydney’s Stratu & Sick Puppy as a significant milestone or post in Neale’s history of comics question. Sick Puppy gave a lot of people a good platform for their ideas in the late 90’s/ early 20000’s.I also consider Stratu the best editor I’ve worked with. He now does the equally good Blackguard (no.3 soon!).

It wasn’t the Disney Corporation calling me, but a Plasterer who had the wrong number!

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