Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The way I ink came about by making a mistake. I was doing a school assignment many years ago & dropped a big blob of ink on my artwork. So I went over that line several times to get that blobby line look with a mapping quill.
I actually thought that's how cartoonists got that thick/thin line going with ink,not realzing about brushes!
My crosshatching is all over the place,but i do look for a source of light. A lot of influence comes from looking at guys like Crumb or Hogarth. But you know I don't hold a candle to their stuff....
I mostly use a mapping quill like a hunt 102,but for some stuff(mostly sketch book) Ill use rapidograph tech pens.
I use rapidograph ink, Its fantastic quality.The last time I bought it some it was $80.00 for 250ml.But it lasts about 10 years a bottle. Ive spent a lot of time of time watering down the ink. It gives it a smoother transition to the paper.

I usually ink outlines, then detail & cross hatching.

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