Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Ive penciled up something different than the roughs I've been showing on the blog. As it was just too much hassle using the actual artwork at this stage.But I've finished 'the bee and flower' pantomime comic, and sent it off to Italy! So anyway, when doing comics I usually use a hard pencil like a HB, as it won't smudge like a 2B or other soft pencils. But I do like to keep a range of pencils around (file under anal retentive). I define shapes 1st before putting in any detail. For comics or animation this obviously helps to keep multiple drawings consistent. Then I'll put in enough detail to keep me happy, but not do everything as I'm going to ink it.I like to put in more detail at that 'inking' stage as it keeps it more exciting for myself.Usually mistakes make artwork more interesting or something will happen that I don't expect which will make it 'fresh'.

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